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Portable gym for the frequent traveler


A lot of those who lift will promote the success of free-weights and machines as the best bodybuilders. While free weights and machines are excellent, resistance bands can take their position as well.

Previously, resistance bands have gotten an awful name as they seen as only for entry-level cardio exercise with a few pounds of resistance. But with today’s advances in materials science and engineering, new variations in elastic bands could make them helpful to anybody, particularly those who will be away from the gym for some time.

Benefits of working out with resistance bands

There are more than a few benefits of using resistance bands. The first and most evident benefit is that they will fit into your baggage and will add very little extra weight, so you can take them with you when traveling and never miss your workouts. But there are also technical benefits in resistance bands.

While many identical free weight workouts are really nonperforming work during parts of the lift when movement isn’t against gravity at a large enough position, with bands the level of resistance is managed through every part of the movement.  This improves flexibility and appropriate strength and more muscular activation.

Resistance bands will elongate, strengthen and stretch out the muscle tissues. They may also greatly enhance your flexibility. Resistance bands will activate the muscle tissue in a manner that is difficult to do with the use of free weights and machines by helping you to perform more managed motions, keep continuous tension on the muscle tissues, and emphasize on the eccentric and concentric and unusual sections of the activity.

How does it compare to working out with free weights and machines?

The working muscle shortens throughout the concentric stage of an activity and elongates during the eccentric stage of a particular activity. Most athletes absolutely ignore the eccentric stage of a particular activity, also known as the “negative” movement. For instance, while most athletes are working a conventional barbell curl, they frequently lift the weight up explosively and reduced it back down at a really quick fast rate, neglecting a critical part of the exercise.

Compared with free weights and machines, elastic bands offer a work out with continuous tension on the muscle which is hard to achieve with the use of weight loads or barbells. This allows the exerciser to actually concentrate on both the concentric and the eccentric stage of the activity.

Can I still achieve muscle growth with resistance bands?

With the use of elastic bands, the muscle is given continuous tension and the concentric stage and eccentric stage of the activity is much more managed. This results in a completely new task for the muscular tissue, which in order forces the muscles to adapt.

Resistance bands come with different resistance levels, which are normally color-coded, from very light to heavy-duty. Unless you are a professional bodybuilder or a strength athlete, the range of resistance provided by a set of bands should be more than enough to have a great workout that will leave you sore for days.

As with any other exercise, if used properly, with dedication and diet, resistance bands can definitely help you build muscle.

For anybody who needs a way to work out on holiday, regularly can’t get to the gym, or wants something additional to add to the exercise, resistance bands are definitely of great benefit. Plus, at a low cost, there’s little reason not invest in them.