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Home espresso machines. Who needs a barista?


If you’re in the mood for regular brewed, there are plenty of brands of drip brew coffee-making machines to create what’s known as pour-over coffee. Pouring over is basically a method of pouring water over roasted ground beans and allowing the water to seep through the ground assimilating its essences and oils via gravity and it is sieved via a filter.

But if you are an espresso lover, there are steam-driven, pump-driven, semi-automatic and super-automatic machines that are available on the market these days.

Classical espressos were steam pressured in order to force water out of the coffee grounds. True espresso however requires applying enough pressure to achieve a certain temperature control to produce it.  Otherwise, while a still very strong cup of coffee can be achieved, it is a cheap imitation, but not technically an espresso.  So steam versus pump? The steam machines are less expensive of course, some costing as low as 50 dollars, but true espresso lovers will prefer pump-driven machines.

Pump-driven machines are more expensive. But there are cheaper brands for the entry level connoisseur. Pump-driven machines use a pump to force out the water. There are two types of pump-driven machines: the super automatic pump and the semi-automatic. Now super does not necessarily mean better.  The semi can produce a perfect shot of espresso that will pass the taste buds of a connoisseur.

There are features in super pumps that drinkers prefer to not have such as automatic grinders and dispensers. A lot of drinkers prefer a customized cup but others are ok with any cup of espresso which is why they buy the Super Automatic Espresso machine. “Customized” means that some drinkers prefer no milk at all, for instance, or sugar, or varying quantities for their espresso.  The Semi-Automatic machine, on the other hand, allows the savant to stamp his brand on his shot. The semi is the best option if you want personalized taste and body.

For the perfect cup, cut the beans before grinding. Espresso coffee requires a finer grind of coffee beans with the ground as small as table salt particles. The right ground beans will begin to clump together as the process releases the oils in the beans. Make sure the water used is pure and unadulterated. The espresso extraction should take only 25 to 30 seconds from start to finish, too fast means the water just passed through without extracting the flavors and too long makes the espresso bitter.

Below are some of the best espresso machines available at Amazon. Indulge your senses every day with a great cup of espresso and you’ll know why the Italians believe life is so sweet!.

Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine, Silver (Kitchen)

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Breville BES870CBXL The Barista Express Coffee Machine, Cranberry Red (Kitchen)

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Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System, Silver (Kitchen)

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