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Not a morning person? Dump the coffee and use wake-up lights


Although not many people have heard of wake-up lights, they are not entirely new technology but the modern ones are modified to fit the rhythm of technology advancement. Our cave-dwelling ancestors had the sun as their wake-up light. Academics in the 18th and 19th Century experimented with wake-up lights using a variation of candle or flint-lock contraptions. While you cannot find a candle powered wake-up light today, you have tons of options.

What is a wake-up light anyway? Well, a wake-up light is exactly what it name implies. It is a light that helps you transition from unconsciousness to consciousness, every morning. You are probably used to hitting the snooze button on your bedside clock or on your smartphone every morning.

You got to admit hitting the snooze button is not the best of ways to spend the first few minutes of your mornings. In fact, the blaring alarm from your bedside clock may well be the reason behind every lousy day you ever had. Getting jarred back to consciousness by one of those awful alarm sounds doesn’t do your body any good. Some people get physically anxious every time they think of the eardrum assault they get from their bedside alarm.

Wake Up to A Room Full Of Sunshine With Wake Up Lights

Here’s how a wake-up light works. You set the time you want to get up, just like any other alarm. When that time comes, the wake-up light starts beeping, a soft beep, which gets louder after every minute. That’s pretty much what your regular alarm does. However, the wake-up light has a trick or two.

Before the beeping starts, it lights up your room like is midday. In fact, most wake-up lights light up thirty minutes before the beeping starts. In essence, the wake up light simulates a sunrise. It starts with a dim glow and goes to a full 200 lux of ambient brightness that knock the sleep out of your eyes.

Science shows that waking up to a fully lit room is the best way to start your day. It has something to do with the evolutionary traits we inherited from our ancestors. When the brain wakes up to a fully lit room, it knows morning is here and kicks into morning gear. Waking up in a half-dark room makes your brain think, “Wait, it’s still dark. Let me sneak in a few more minutes in bed before the sun comes up”.

That’s why you wake up groggy most of the times. But using a wake-up light ricks your brain into getting ready for the day. You won’t feel sluggish when you wake up, and your brain and body will be ready to do everything you want them to.